Xingu, une histoire amazonienne(2018)

En rencontrant les derniers gardiens de la forêt, Jean-Pierre Dutilleux et Alexandre Bouchet nous entraînent au cœur du Brésil, là où vit la tribu des Yawalapiti dont l’avenir demeure fragile. Porté par la voix de Tapi, un jeune chef indien, ce film donne aussi la parole aux autres acteurs impliqués dans la transformation de cet écrin de la biodiversité : fermier, chercheur d’or, scientifiques, etc.

Directeur Jean-Pierre Dutilleux - co-directeurr Alexandre Bouchet

Ce film a été diffusé sur Arte Television du 04/08 au 02/10/2018

Tribal Journeys

Résumé de voyages parmi les tribus d'Amazonie, d'Indonésie et d'Afrique
13 épisodes de 30 minutes

The Awa Guajas (Brésil)

Au coeur de la Forêt amazonienne brésilienne.

The Poturus (People of the Moon)

The last vestige of an astonishing tribe makes it home in the Amazonian rainforest. They take their name from the large wooden plug that pierces their bottom lip.

The Agtas (Philippines)

The Agtas live in almost complete isolation, alternating between the jungle and the vast beaches on a remote island of the Philippines.

The Toulambis Partie 1 (Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée)

Braving torrential rains in remote Papua, New Guinea, Jean-Pierre encounters the most isolated nomadic tribe in the world.

The Toulambis Partie 2

Jean-Pierre's remarkable encounter with the Toulambis continues for three days of unprecedented exchange.

The Masuane (Indonésie, Ceram)

Isolated by the Indonesian government in the remote Spice Islands live the shamanistic tribe of the Masuane, known to possess mysterious magical powers.

Togutil (Indonésie, Almaheira)

On the island of Almaheira, Jean-Pierre and his crew meet with the Togutil tribe and their most powerful shaman, Kasian.

Les Mikea (Madagascar)

Most of the islanders even today still refuse to believe that the Mikea exist. Jean-Pierre meets with this elusive tribe which wishes to stay away from the outside world.

Les Mursi (Éthiopie)

The Omo Valley is home to one of Africa's most fascinating tribes. Mursi women wear lip plates as a sign of wealth and beauty.

Les Kayapos (Raoni, gardien de la Forêt Vierge)

Raoni, the supreme chief of the Kayapo tribe in the Amazon, shares his view of the world. Viewers witness a secret healing ritual and a rare initiation for young warriors.

Les Una (Nouvelle-Guinée)

There is only one place on Earth where man still makes tools from polished stone: in New Guinea, the world's second largest island, found North of Australia. Until the 1960's, this region was entirely unknown to the rest of mankind.

Les Korowai (Nouvelle-Guinée)

Cannibalism is part of a system revolving around the Kakua, a clandestine witchdoctor obsessed with the taste of human flesh.

Les Asmat (l'art de la guerre)

A former Dutch colony, Irian Jaya is in the western half of the island of New Guinea. It is the largest and most inhospitable province of Indonesia: former headhunters and cannibals, the Asmat remain the most talented woodcarvers of the tribal world.

Amazon Forever

Gentleman Films, Skylight Producoes, Tele-images, a Franco-Brazilian co-production starring Chief Ayupu, Aurelien Wiik, Jose Steinberg, a 90 minutes eco-drama, shot on locations in Brazil, Paris, and London.

Amazonian Footprints

Alexandra Productions for the Galeries Lafayette amazon exhibition.

Manaus Eco-Tourism

Director / Producer

Sebastian Rainforest Tour

Photographer / Director / Cameraman

Mother Nature Inc.

KCLA Channel 9 - Field Producer / Photographer hosted by Denis Farrier

Kayapos Update

Director / Producer

Rainforest Reports #1

Sebastian International - Writer / Director / Producer

Rainforests Reports #2

Sebastian International - Writer / Director / Producer

Raoni's Return

CP Productions / Director

Our Common Future

Director / Producer of Brazilian segment
Starring Gilberto Gil, Milton Nacimento, Sting, Caetano Veloso, Maria Bethania and others. Live via satellite.

Fight for the Amazon

TFI / Charter Films - Director / Producer
with Sting

Sting Appeal for the Rainforest Foundation

Director / Producer

Animal Logic

Director / Producer
Musical documentary with Stewart Copeland and Andy Sommers

Raoni Meets Red Crow

Director / Producer
Fourth World Day

Geo Africa

Director / Producer

Women of New Guinea

Director / Producer
Mist Film Productions

Amazon Stories (unreleased)

Director / Producer
Charter Films

The Making of Tender is the Night

Director / Producer

Aboard Survival

Director / Producer
Charter Films / Whitefeather Production TV Pilot

The Rhythmatist

Director / Producer
Starring Stewart Copeland
CCCP / Charter Films

Mount Kenya Safari

CCCP / Charter Films

Playing to Win

Director / Producer
Charter Films

Gin Cabillito

Commercial campaign

Man and His Planet

Director / Cameraman
Idemedia Productions televison series

Hands on the World

Idemedia Productions


Writer / Director / Producer
With Marlon Brando - Nominated for an Academy Award - SND Productions

Xingu The White Man Is Coming

Director / Producer
BBC World About Us series

Asmat, Woodcarvers of New Guinea

Co-Producer with Bill Leimbach
BBC World About Us series


Co-Director / Cameraman
Bill Leimbach Productions

Indians I & II

Director / Writer / Cameraman
Cinesphere Productions

State of Seige

Assistant to Producer Jacques Perrin
Costas Gravas, Director

Screen Plays

  • Parallel {with Roger Ernest)
  • Moongoddess
  • The Apprentice
  • Katu
  • Sundancer
  • Amazon Forever, the Age of Innocence
  • Amazon Forever, the Age of Fire


  • Ecology Festival, France - First Prize
  • Gramado, Brazil - 8 Awards
  • Academy Award, USA - Nomination
  • Rolex Award, Switzerland
  • Golden Halo Award, USA

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